Amino Jal 5ml


Sterile product in 5 ml vials to revitalizing action based Amino acids and Hyaluronic Acid 1%.
This product is the ideal solution to put an end to skin problems recently toned and off: Aminojal helps increase elastin and tone.
These characteristics are given to the skin by the organization of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and by the specific structure of the molecules of its components. The elastin, thanks to its reticular structure, when it is folded it can contract and relax like a rubber band. The long collagen fibers, mixed with the elastic fibers, narrow an elongation extension and prevent the stretching of the tissues. The glucosoaminoglicani are long chains of polysaccharide forming a gel around the elastic fibers. With their strong negative charge, they attract large amounts of water and activate the cations from an osmotic point of view. This active hydro property causes a pressure that gives firmness and volume to the skin.

Privacy revitalizing and slightly plumping: has a slight anti-aging effect, it promotes the synthesis of elastic fibers and helps rebuild collagen, ideal for the skin below the age of 40, slightly elastic and slightly wrinkled.