Lipotene 10ml


Solution for the body based on phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate with the addition of L-Carnitine which performs a dual function: to reduce the localized and, adiposity thanks to the contribution of L-Carnitine, burn excess fat transforming it into energy and tone more tissues.
Sharpen localized fat, it has a lipolytic effect and has an invigorating effect.
This product was sterile and pyrogen-free without preservatives in vials of 10 ml restructuring of the cell wall in adipocytes affected by fibrosclerosis based phosphatidylcholine to 5%, sodium deoxycholate and L-Carnitine indicated in the treatment dell’adipe localized.
Phosphatidylcholine is a basic component of cell membranes, is derived from soybeans and is highly purifying. It is a fat soluble molecule, ie it is soluble in fats and oils while micelles form or precipitated in water. It ’a completely natural product with a high rate of tolerance in practice phosphatidylcholine reduces the presence of fat and cholesterol. What makes the phosphatidylcholine an absolutely new scenario of aesthetic medicine is the ability to dissolve the fat in whole and eliminate via the renal tract; this ability is so complete as to fully involve the same cell adipocyte.
To the already effective formulation of Lipolise Added L-Carnitine for its veicolatore function that complements the activity of phosphatidylcholine by increasing the metabolism of fatty acids.
Lipotene is metabolized quickly and therefore any small post-trauma treatment is rapidly reabsorbed.
This product is already diluted and mixed with L-Carnitine conducting a decisive and effective energy and detoxifying action at the mitochondrial level, it is therefore decisive in the metabolism of triglycerides, the main components of subcutaneous fat.
It has been amply demonstrated that the activity of phosphatidylcholine is optimized by Sodium deoxycholate: in fact, recent studies have shown that the two substances when used individually obtained results lower than joint use.
Sodium deoxycholate causes the rupture of the membranes of the fat cells while the phosphatidylcholine causes their solubilization emulsionandola and reabsorbing thus decreasing the adipose layer.

Product for professional medical use, not sold at private users.

Localized fat in general, abdominal fat, inner thighs, ”saddle bags”, adiposity knee, hips.