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Infinite Beauty is an intellectual/ high-performance cosmetology clinic that combines state-of-the-art methods, certified professional equipment and the latest high-quality formulations and technologies.


Infinite Beauty cosmetology clinic

Our salon offers treatments to reduce expression lines and efface wrinkles, lift the face, and body treatments.

Our services are biorevitalization, Botulinum therapy, filler, mesothread, and laser treatments, acne and rosacea treatments, hardware treatments, hyperhidrosis treatments, various body hair removal options, and body correction treatments.
The main principle in our work is face and body harmonization. It is a generic name for a whole range of treatments that serve one purpose: rejuvenation, correction of certain visual imperfections, aging prevention, proper skincare that is meant to highlight authenticity and maximum naturalness.

We aim to achieve the best results and highlight your natural beauty.

Intellectual cosmetology is for customers who value beauty, well-groomed appearance, quality, personality, confidence, an aesthetic sense, and a good quality of life.

Our philosophy
The face is everyone’s main brand.
Our aim is to highlight your natural beauty so you could be yourself! While we have an impressive range of skincare, injectable and hardware treatments, we always look for the base: an optimal algorithm to solve each customer’s problems.

Our mission
Helping our customers to strengthen their confidence through their appearance, to be themselves in spite of the passage of time.
We know that a person’s appearance affects their self-esteem, so our mission is to help all our customers to look and feel better. We are not trying to change your appearance, our aim is to highlight your natural beauty so you could stay yourself in spite of the passage of time.



We have developed personalized comprehensive programs that allow solving a wide range of challenges, and we continue to implement innovations that aim at offering safe and efficient aesthetic treatments to an even greater number of customers. We rely on advanced scientific achievements in cosmetology excepting cosmetic surgery.

All that we do, every treatment, was designed to give you, our customers, an opportunity to find a solution to the specific problems that specifically affect you.
We offer our customers and individualized, comprehensive approach using innovative, highly efficient and well tested beauty treatment methods - the best modern cosmetology industry could offer.

The main principle in our work is face and body harmonization. The idea is for a whole range of treatments to serve our customer’s purpose, be it rejuvenation, correction of certain visual imperfections, aging prevention, or proper skincare that is meant to highlight authenticity and maximum naturalness.



In our salon, we use state-of-the-art methods for age-related change prevention and elimination, skin rejuvenation and effacement of wrinkles.

Due to the treatments, you glow, look attractive and are happy with your appearance.

Injectable treatments in cosmetology comprise various techniques: mesotherapy, biorevitalization, thread lift, and the usage of various dermal fillers. This is one of the most efficient ways of returning youthfulness to the face and body and a very simple way to perfect oneself with just a little effort. Nowadays, Botox or Xeomin treatments are easy to do, it is possible to have an injectable treatment like this during your lunch break, after which you can go back to work as if nothing happened. It has become possible due to improved innovative fillers.

ylellinen kosmetiikka


We, IPB, are an official distributor or professional cosmetic brands, such as Ericson, Forlle’d, Uteki, and МССМ.
Our online store has been open since 2016. We always keep up with the times and offer our customers the best available on the cosmetics market.
In our online store, you will find home treatment products for the face and body from leading global professional cosmetics brands.
There are professional cosmetics brands available for purchase in our store, such as French and Portuguese brands Ericson Laboratoire Paris and MССМ MEdical cosmetics, as well as Forlle’d and Uteki from a Japanese manufacturer of high tech nanocosmetics.


Looking to acquire professional cosmetics for your work at a beauty salon or clinic?
Infinite PRO Beauty online store for professional cosmetics is a true exhibition of cosmetic products for cosmetologists that is open around the clock 365 days a year.


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